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About us

Our success hinges on satisfying our customers and helping them unlock the real value of their businesses. The challenge is always to be better than anyone else; better at creating real, lasting value for customers. For example, one of Goldsky bank traditional lines of business is Treasury transactions. Our knowledge of the marketplace and creativity has propelled us to the forefront of trading activities in the money market, with resultant competitive advantage and tremendous value.

We know our job

A new first has been scored by Goldsky Bank with a new account opening initiative that enables members of the public to open online savings accounts through a Quick Response (QR) code which can be scanned from any of the promotional materials such as roll up banners, fliers, posters and newspaper adverts.

This novel account opening initiative was launched on Monday, October 8, 2002 by the United Kingdom lender known for outstanding ideas. Also, the financial institution has come up with a new savings promotion campaign aimed at rewarding new and existing customers of the bank.

This is expected to significantly ease the process of enrolment of new accounts and deepen the penetration of the new savings promo tagged Get Alert During the launch of the initiative, Goldsky Bank Executive Director in charge of Shared Services and Products, Mr Richard Britt, explained that, “This new savings promo is the 8th in 11 years.

As with the previous ones, we are motivated to continue to empower our customers by rewarding them with cash and gift items, whilst at the same time promoting the savings culture, in line with the financial inclusion drive of the World Bank

Professional staff

Goldsky Bank Jobs with the emphasis on technical expertise and knowledge, advanced academic achievements and/or technical professional credentials such as Masters or PhD with generally a minimum of five years of relevant experience.

Quality solutions

Innovative approaches, technologies and methodologies underlying the industrial solutions of Goldsky Bank, aimed at achieving optimal parameters of efficiency in the processing of banking information, according to the criteria used.

Managerial Jobs

Managers at the Goldsky Bank are responsible for the day to day management of staff, their work programs and budgets. Bank managers provide the thought leadership, vision, and an enabling environment for staff to fulfill the Bank’s mission with passion and professionalism.

Quick response

Goldsky bank has a stated intention to be customer centric, which means putting our customers at the centre of all that we do. We wish to be considered world class in service delivery.

What we offer

We are young, fast growing, most reliable and trusted investment platform with thousands customers across the globe.

Our projects

We empower young youth and less prevedge with the necessary tools to go on and create, develop, build, fix and work on exceptional ideas, projects and enterprises that will change their communities, their economy, and their nation and also gives long term loans to different parts of citizens of Europeans countries for them to support their business or get their problems solved


Technology of tomorrow

We are forward-thinking, benchmarking trends in technology to shape our future coupled with our practical delivery on a highly automated platform that makes us unique. As the country’s IT infrastructure improves, our leading edge in IT keeps us well positioned in the global banking community to sustain our offering of exceptional E-banking services.



At Goldsky Bank, we do not just see our organization as an entity solely concerned with wealth creation for the shareholders. Our strategic alliance with the various stakeholders, government and non-governmental agencies centers around institutional building and capacity development


Business Focus

At Goldsky Bank We are driven by exceptional customer service. While we aim to sustain our consistency in superior performance, we will continue to participate in driving the development of the economy.

What customer says

We Goldsky bank do more than sell products and services. We enable individuals and families to stay connected to their money while building their financial future. We help businesses meet challenges with confidence and empower their progress. We approach each interaction by placing ourselves in the customer’s shoes, resulting in deeper relationships. We encourage each employee to pursue professional development opportunities. Innovation is celebrated and rewarded. We welcome challenges to the status quo because they propel us forward and improve the way we do business.

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